Fraud boys flaunt their money because they know they are thieves - Lydia Forson reveals

, a Ghanaian actress, asked on Facebook today why most marriage counselors’ advice is directed at women most of the time.

Lydia sarcastically inquired whether the male species has been preprogrammed in such a manner that they are faultless and so do not require a manual on how to be better partners.

She wrote;

I wonder why so much relationship/marriage advice is directed at women but there’s very little for men? Are men preconditioned to be good partners or something?

Read some reactions below;

@Nana Kofi Sarkodie“Just like how much attention is given to the girl child, seminars are held for women empowerment leaving behind the men, special services organised for women who seek the fruit of the womb neglecting men with low sperm counts…somethings may never make sense to us but thats what it is….”

@Papaa Spio-Garbrah“Because society is setup in a way where women are predetermined to want to get married so most of the advice and guidance is directed towards that gender.
According to how society js, marriage isn’t a man’s goal.
Wealth rather is our goal so we receive more tips on financial health and money-making tips.
It’s just society and how it’s setup, regardless of how bias or skewered it is.

@Yaa Dansowaa“I was just thinking about this a couple of days ago- it seems all the dos are on ours. I just don’t understand.”

@Prisca Kys“But madam, you know this already 😂
S3 we’re the one that “aware3 gyina y3n nan so” 🙄
Plus we’re the ones who’re desperate for marriage 😏”


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