The anonymous lady who claimed to have worked as Delay’s housekeeper in the past has sent the media personality a sincere apology for recently lying about having worked as her house help and being able to firmly say that she had a daughter.

After Delay obtained access to her video in which she made false charges, she sought her out on Facebook after her accusations made her a huge phenomenon overnight on the internet.

Well, the young lady who has undoubtedly come across Delay’s charge of her to the CID has turned to her Tiktok page to beg forgiveness from her lover. She did so because Delay had reported her to the CID.

According to the lady, she was concerned by all of Afia Schwarzenegger’s comments directed towards Delay, and as a result, she believed it would be smart to shield her by fabricating the story about the housekeeper.

She said the following on her Twitter account: “Sorry Delay, I never realized it would trend like this and I was in anguish if I hear anything terrible about my role model.. pls I’m sorry.”