Efia Odo

Born Andrea Owusu, is a Ghanaian actress, television & radio presenter who worked with Kwece TV (a sports television station) and Okay Fm in Accra, Ghana.

Efia Odo — correctly spelt as Afia ⊃do — is an Ashanti girl who hails from Ejisu Juaben in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

The Friday born actress who’s locally named & known as ‘Afia Agyeiwaa’ has become a major item for discussion as she continues to grab the headlines with each passing week.

Yours Truly  Dklassgh.Com states: the term Slay Queen in the Ghanaian context means any young ‘Ashawo’ girl in disguise with no purpose in life whose lifeline is solely dependent on consistently showing her [email protected] to get the attention of the public.

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In return, she gets h00ked up to rich men in society in discreet love affairs who are ready to buy her the latest iPhone version, cars, mansions, and sponsor her trips to beautiful and rich destinations like Dubai, Tokyo, London, and New York.

The word ‘Celebrity’ in the Ghanaian context stands for any popular person who somewhat has something substantial to his or her name. 

He or she could be an actor or actress, politician, radio or a television personality.

Efia Odo once wrote on her twitter page: 

“I always say I’m not a celebrity. I haven’t done anything deserving to be called a celebrity. Someone like @yvonnenelsongh yes she’s a celebrity. I’m working towards that status. Maybe I’m popular, but not yet a celebrity.”

Perhaps, after realizing what the Slay Queen term means in the Ghanaian context, Efia Odo has issued out a strong warning to Ghanaians to stop tagging her as a ‘Slay Queen’.

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She says she is a Queen who slays and not just a mere slay queen.

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