A Plus And Feli Nuna
A Plus And Feli Nuna

Felicia Nuna Akosua Tawiah, also known as , is a Ghanaian musician who has released a diss song titled ‘Investor’ to address Kwame , who has been on her case since their previous confrontation on UTV.

Feli responded to Kwame’s declaration that males are superior to women in an Instagram post on Saturday, after the latter struck out at her in a Facebook post claiming she was a homosexual.

He labelled her again as an unsuccessful musician who has yet to make a hit.

After concluding the post that appeared to disparage the female performer, he sent Feli a remark that read: “A man is a man! A man and a woman are not the same in anything. Any woman who does not respect men is in a fight with me. Mempɛ gay, mempɛ lesbian. Mempɛ feminists.”

In response, the singer took to Instagram to criticize him for putting women down and making her his new target.

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“A Plus…A man is a man and a man came from a woman. DON’T EVER FORGET! Ladies let’s gather here Monday 5pm. We have some demons to cast out!!! drop a fire in the comments for dem…EDZO,” she wrote.

The entertainment commentator also said that Feli Nuna was unable to record a hit for her single ‘Towel’ despite wearing just towels to interviews in order to promote the tune.

When the two celebrities fought on United Showbiz back in May, they exchanged insults.

It would be recalled that the two personalities traded insults when they clashed on United Showbiz back in May.

“Your song could not hit after everything I did for you on UTV. Stiiiill even your mother doesn’t know that you have a new song. Ungrateful girl. Madam, your problem is spiritual. Stop running desperately from media house to media house. You should be in a prayer camp casting out demons from your life by now. I’m only posting this to see if I can help you trend. You can also respond. Maybe so 2 by 4 media houses will start talking about you,” parts of the Facebook post read.

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