Afia Schwar, lawyer Maurice and chairman wontumi

Popular Ghanaian fetish priest Kwaku Bonsam has cautioned Chairman Wontumi and Maurice Ampaw not to take 's curses for granted.

According to him, curses invoked using Antoa work faster, therefore the duo should visit him right away so he can reverse it, or they would be in big danger.

Remember how Afia went on the offensive after hearing that Bernard Antwi Boasiako aka Chairman Wontumi had brought her to court over her little squabbles with ?

More importantly, she made some pronouncements in the heat of her arguments with Delay that have really irritated him (like saying they used to be sexual partners and he farted when he was climaxing)

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The change of events enraged Afia, especially when Wontumi's lawyer, Maurice Ampaw, attacked her on the radio, stating Afia is too low a woman for Wontumi to sleep with.

She cursed both of them with alcoholic beverages and raw eggs, summoning powerful deities from her village to deal with them if she was lying about sleeping with the outspoken politician.

In light of this situation, Nana Kwaku Bonsam has advised Wontumi and Maurice Ampaw to contact him in order to have some rituals conducted.

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“I can help them. They should try and see me so I help them. I have been calling Wontumi and he isn't picking,” Kwaku Bonsam stated on Adinkra TV.

“Anybody who thinks these curses cannot work is a joke. Chairman, Maurice and Afia need to come to an agreement. Whatever it takes, they should overturn the curses,” he added.


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