Efia Odo vs Sista Afia

Efia Odo, a socialite, is always insulting her enemy, Sista Afia.

Efia Odo seems bored with her life and has revisited old enemies to dig up buried hatchets. Out of nowhere she has has brought back her beef with Sista Afia.

Sista Afia recently released some sultry bikini images to demonstrate her sexiness. After taking a vacation to fight her rival, Efia Odo, the sultry singer flaunted her physique in a gorgeous photo shoot as a means of welcome herself back online.

Sista Afia posed for the images in a white two-piece colorful bikini and from various perspectives. After a few hours, the images had a lot of views on social media and a lot of responses in the comment section from people who had a lot to say.

Efia Odo reacted to this in a Tweet, telling the singer that no amount of retouching will be able to stop the world from knowing she is ugly.

Sista Afia on the other hand only called Efia Odo an attention seeker.

Source: Dklassgh.com

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