Customs wants $10,000 to clear my products - comedian Michael Blackson says
Customs wants $10,000 to clear my products - comedian Michael Blackson says

The American-Ghanaian-Liberian actor and comedian, , has added his voice to the debate as to whether the should be built.

The debate over whether the National Cathedral should be built has been going on for quite some time. The comedian has just spoken his side of the debate, saying the building of the National Cathedral is not one of the biggest problems Ghanaians are facing.

According to him, there are bigger problems in Ghana than a national cathedral so, in his view, the government should concentrate on these problems before tackling the national cathedral.

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He made this known when he spoke in a recent exclusive interview with Multimedia's Doreen Avio. In his submission, he said;

“I went to buy gas [fuel] today, I live in California and it's just the same price in Ghana. Why is gas the same price in California as it is in Ghana? It makes no sense.

The average income in California is probably $250,000 a year. The average income in Ghana is about $150 a month. We have bigger problems than a cathedral.

How is the Uber driver going to make money if gas prices cost so much?”

His remarks came as many Ghanaians express their displeasure with the government's intentions to build the cathedral.

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Many Ghanaians, like Blackson, believe the government should focus on creating employment rather than building the cathedral.


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