Ghanaian singer Raphael Kofi Attachie, widely known as has hailed Nigeria as the Giant Of Africa when it comes to music.

The remix of the song, which has been widely circulated in Nigeria, has forced Camidoh to give reasons why every artist must take advantage and penetrate the Nigerian market.

Camidoh is one of the few Ghanaian musicians whose songs have penetrated both the Ghanaian and Nigerian markets. “Sugarcane” is a popular song in Nigeria.

Speaking to Pulse Nigeria, Camidoh said that he does not rush to do hit songs but concentrates on the quality of the song.

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According to him, he believes that if an artist only channels their energy to produce hit songs, they might fade away soon. Camidoh disclosed that he is currently working on another banger with other Nigerian artists.

He revealed that he does not force his songs, but that he is an organic artist who became acquainted with Mayokun after seeing him in Wizkid’s video. He realized he was the perfect fit for his remix “Sugarcane.”

Camidoh revealed that he only well-advertised his song in Nigeria, but his major goal was to cross over his songs and career to Nigeria, but he was happy the song went viral and became a hit.

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The young artist praising the Nigerian market said, “Nigeria is a giant in Africa and every African artist should try and penetrate the Nigerian market. This is one of the biggest markets in terms of music. It’s show business. If you don’t have the numbers, how can your music grow? I think Ghanaian artists should penetrate into the Nigerian market”.


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