Criss Waddle

, a Ghanaian rapper and business mogul, recently stated in an interview that drugs or money rituals have never been a part of his life, contrary to popular belief.

For some years now, the musician has been accused of making money through dubious means.

He is described as a [email protected], a scammer, a money ritualist, an engineer who attempted to sell the Tema Harbour, and an online scammer who preys on gullible white victims.

Responding to this, the rapper in an interview with Oheemaa Woyeje on Angel FM, revealed that he has been investing in legit businesses since 2016.

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He said that the street is the stepping stone to the next level so whatever anyone makes on the street one should learn to invest in other businesses for the future.

”Drug was never part of what I was doing on the street and after making good money on the street I decided to invest in real estate and importation so that’s what I do.

”I watch people make mistakes and learn from them and on social media, I learn from those who have achieved from real estate and importations and also have age-mates who have ideas but don’t have money so I listened to them a lot,” he stated.

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