’s management has quickly reacted to a viral video showing the singer drinking herself to inebriation over an apparent broken heart.

On Wednesday, a video showing Joyce Blessing sipping sporadically from a bottle of red wine while confessing her love to whoever broke her heart (rumoured to be her secret lover other than her husband ) went viral.

She appeared inebriated, confused, and bewildered as she revealed her heartbreak for her guy, whom she constantly emphasized in the film that she ‘fucking loves’ to break her heart.

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The footage was allegedly released by Agradaa, an arc competitor, to escalate their feud.

The singer’s management has stated that the video was maliciously leaked in order to tarnish Joyce’s image.

According to a press statement, the video is old and Joyce was only declaring her love for her husband Dave Joy. The statement also pleaded with Ghanaians to stop spreading the video.

See the full statement below;