Reggie Rockstone

Reggie Rockson has been a leader in the community and a stalwart of the music industry. The rap legend said that hate is not the way to go while discussing family structures and the LGBT community.

Children should be taught to appreciate all people, according to Reggie Rockstone. Additionally, he discusses the significance of teaching children the virtues of love and respect as they prepare to enter a diverse social environment.

“Charity begins at home. It will all begin with every family unit set up. And so how you train your children… when they go into the world, they will have a certain mindset.

“So when you talk about LGBT, I just know that my children are not hating them. When I was growing up, I didn’t know about it, so I don’t care if it was fat, short or whatever. Whatever you are, I will treat you with respect. Just like I would be expected to be treated with respect.”

Reggie iterated the usefulness of these values in children, which will help them relate with others in the world. He also adds that his children are trained in a heterosexual environment because of how his home is structured (with a man and a woman).

“And this is how I’m training my children. No hate, no prejudice, non of the above. We are all God’s creation, so I don’t even have the power to be judgemental. So I know what I’m putting to my children. However, I’m not God. I dont have all the answers… but i will show the children what’s love, what’s out in the world and what they should prepare for,” he told Joy News via zoom call.

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