A l£ak video has gone viral which many believe that the lady captured is Tik Tok sensation Kelly.

Although the video does not accurately confirm the identity of Kelly, netizens are divided. While some think it could be Kelly, others assert that it was probably a different person in the video.

Now the question is, Is that Kelly?

You can watch the alleged leaked video of Kelly by clicking HERE…

Kelly has become an internet sensation as many men on the app are busy drooling over her and her colleague ladies mimicking her dance moves. Her followers have skyrocketed from 356k followers to 740k within that short frame of time.

She has numerous clips of her displaying her s£xy dance skills on her official TikTok account.

Badie Kelly became famous after a video of her twerking in a light brown and multi-colored gown went viral even though she is not endowed with the best sexy dance moves. Many other ladies dance way better than her but are not noticeable.