Adu Sarfowaa and Jackie Appiah

Adu Sarfowa, an actress and socialite, is curious as to what inspired Jackie Appiah to finally show off her opulent property on social media.

According to the actress, Jackie Appiah should instead utilize her acting career’s power and contacts to help young actors and actresses in Ghana acquire movie roles.

She also said that Jackie Appiah’s inability to assist brilliant budding movie actors or actresses did not entitle her for appreciation for her fortune.

“What pushed Jackie Appiah now to show off what she has? Jackie, please help some talented actors close to you gain movie contracts with your connections. The all about you makes your legacy not admirable,” she wrote on her official Instagram page.

“As of now, which actor can say because of Jackie, I made it? None. consider this,” she asked.

Jackie Appiah’s lavish house dominated social media discussions. While some internet users hailed the actress for her achievements, others accused her of acquiring them through her supposed ties with prominent men.

The video of the house was initially released on the internet by Luchy Donalds, a popular Nigerian actress and movie producer who was taken aback by what she saw when she visited the actress (Jackie Appiah) in her Trassaco, Accra home a few days ago.