Controversial Ghanaian has warned men to be careful of women who use s£x toys because the likelihood that they will cheat is high.

Counselor Oduro expressed her dislike for couples that use s£x toys before, during, and after sexual contact in an exclusive interview with Kwaku Manu.

She believes that using s£x toys is one of the simplest ways to encourage infidelity in a relationship or marriage.

We have promoted certain things and allowed them permanency, which is destroying us. So today, after someone has sl£pt with his wife, they still have to use a s£x toy before they climax.

“Please, I’m not here to rubbish anyone’s hustle. But as a Christian and a whole woman, when God created me he didn’t add any toy to me. Ask yourself, If you have to use s£x toys when you are fit, what will happen when you are unfit to perform?”

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She backed with the host’s claims that using s£x toys gives women a way to consider relationships other than marriage.

You are teaching her to cheat because you are making her aware that if she can use a toy to cheat, then a human being goes. What we learn will hurt us in future. Why don’t you communicate with your lover? What toy can outperform a man’s p£nis? We have allowed western influences to cloud our judgment. This isn’t how we are trained. We shouldn’t follow trends just because it’s the 21st century.”


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