Sarkodie and Strongman

Rumours that Ghanaian rapper Strongman used to punch fufu for Sarkodie while he was signed to Sarkcess Music have been refuted.

Strongman recently said that signees are neither beggars nor slaves to their masters who have signed them to their record company during an interview on YFM with NYDJ.

He fiercely argued that artists are not slaves to the record label owners who sign them, maybe speaking from experience.

The former signee of Sarkodie’s SarkCess Music claims that musicians are signed to record companies for commercial relationships rather than to work for them there as slaves and squatters.

The young rapper who collaborated with Sarkodie for two years said he has a lot to say about the artist because of the bogus feelings he experienced while working with SarkCess Music, but out of respect for his fans, he has chosen to remain silent.

Based on that, Nhyira Fm’s Ruthy revealed that Strongman once pounded Fufu for Sarkodie’s family while he was at SarkCess Music, which contradicts the main reason why Sarkodie signed the guy. She made this revelation during her appearance on the “Entertainment Power Show” on Saturday, April 24, 2021.

Remember that Strongman was contracted by Sarkodie in 2017 with the intention of writing hit songs rather than helping Tracey beat Fufu and other such domestic duties.

After a year of being silent on the subject, Strongman has now spoken out in favour of hammering Fufu for Sarkodie back when he worked at SarkCess Music.

Strongman said in an interview with DJ Reuben that he didn’t wash the rapper’s cars or pound any Fufu at his home in Tema.


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