Agradaa has been the subject of unpleasant revelations from a young Ghanaian guy who goes by the name SEER 1 General.

The man of God broke IGP Dampare’s order flagrantly when he spoke in an exclusive interview with Fiifi Pratt on Kingdom FM and prohibited pastors from openly revealing harmful predictions.

He claimed that he saw the born-again priestess going insane in the spiritual realms while driving in town.

While driving through the town, she stopped over, got out, took off her wig, and started running about like a crazy person.

Agradaa has allegedly turned from a fetish priestess to an evangelist, although Seer 1 General cautions her to be extra careful.

SEER 1 General again prophecied that a popular actress by the name, Tracey will be poisoned.

To provide Ghanaians with the clearest possible indication, SEER 1 General only mentioned the first name of the upcoming poisoned actress while withholding both her second name and other crucial details about her.


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