Captain Smart

attacked fiercely on live television about the rape scandal involving his ex-wife (Obaapa Christy) that made headlines in Ghana many years ago.

Without holding back, the irate Captain Smart lambasted Pastor Love for being unable to keep his estranged wife’s rape event a secret and instead disclosing the information to her detriment.

The presenter argued that Pastor Love’s actions were unnecessary, senseless, and uncalled for. Mr. Smart feels that Mr. Love might have handled the situation in a manly manner to spare the ex-wife from facing public humiliation.

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In response to the Joyce Blessing drinking video that made waves across major news portals, Smart made these comments while insulting Pastor Love.

Watch the video below:

About two years ago, during the rape issue, a man named Manasseh who claimed to be a prophet levelled a surprising accusation against Pastor Love, Obaapa Christy’s ex-husband.

On “The Seat” on Net2 TV, a guest said that Obaapa Christy abandoned her marriage to Pastor Love after he hired four men to rape her.

Pastor Love had found a young Italian woman and wanted to marry her, but he first needed to get a divorce from Obaapa Christy, according to Prophet Manasseh (Christiana Love at the time)

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He thus hired four macho guys to rape his wife in order to fulfil his demands and to make her seem bad, which subsequently helped the divorce.


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