Kwasi Manni - My Only One
Kwasi Manni - My Only One

Cardiff, “The Music Hub” of Wales – 1st July, 2022 – Artist Kwasi Manni is out with his 2022 debut single “My Only One”. Based on the themes of love and romance, this single follows the artist’s trend of making meaningful and classic reggae compositions.

I’ve said this many times, we all need some Reggae in our lives! There aren’t many genres that can instantly instil such a high level of positivity and elation in a listener than Reggae music and if further proof is required, look no further than Kwasi Manni’s utterly delightful lovers rock “My Only One”. With oodles of groove, deeply charismatic performances, and an utterly fantastical feeling of fun, this is a brilliantly written and cheerfully colourful track that embodies the Reggae genre perfectly with its catchy melodies, body-moving rhythms, and charming disposition, a perfect song for the summer.

Kwasi Manni, aka Jahemblem is a rising independent recording artist and singer who is originally from Ghana, West Africa but is now based in South Wales, United Kingdom. Kwasi likes to incorporate his culture into his music and enjoys putting his own modern twist on reggae, afro beats and pop music to come out with a distinctive vibe.


Creative and unique, Kwasi Manni artfully brings together several musical influences to develop a project that truly stands out. Adept at songwriting, the artist’s music is characterised by the fusion of old and new vibes, resulting in enjoyable contemporary soundscapes.

Whilst all the vocal performances in “My Only One” are certainly excellent, it’s the way in which the lead and backing vocals interact throughout the song that really helps elevate the performances. The lead and backing vocals engage in many call and response ideas that not only create an energy-filled dynamic between the performers, but it also heightens and accentuates certain key areas of the lyrics, allowing them to really jump out at the listener.

The rhythmic qualities that the vocal parts possess is a key feature of the track and really helps establish the song’s strong sense of groove, this again, ensures the lyrics have that necessary feeling of rhythmic drive to them that keeps the flow of the arrangement continually sleek in the way it progresses forward.

The weaving of diverse genres in this artist’s music style results in compositions that are not restricted to a niche audience. Instead, the music can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone, universally – a goal that the artist actively strives towards. Moreover, the relatable lyrical content drawn from everyday life’s experiences also makes for songs that everyone can successfully relate to.

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