Kofi Kinaata

Ghanaian Highlife musician has urged his colleagues in the music industry to promote their songs naturally rather than using TikTok.

Kofi Kinaata made this remark in response to TikTok star Asantewaa’s assertion that most songs receive attention when they are promoted on the most popular app.

The “Thy Grace” singer claimed in an interview with Graphic Entertainment that although TikTok helps promote songs and make them popular, most artists don’t enjoy the financial rewards of their work.

“Making a hit song is like a fruit. It is not healthy when you force it to ripe. Instead of musicians promoting these songs organically, they turn to ‘short cuts’. They are forced to pay influencers to make their songs trend. And the influencers also do it just for the cash so after a few months when another song is released, they take money to promote it too,” he explained.

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According to Kofi Kinaata, the majority of TikTok influencers misuse the app because the majority of their content clashes with the music they promote.

He said, “I think TikTok influencers are, however, not helping the purpose of the platform since they promote a song they are paid for. Thus content is not considered often. Setting the agenda for a song to trend rather becomes a priority”.

“I have no issues with my fans performing my songs on TikTok but I won’t pay an influencer to do it and that is why I find it quite interesting when some of my colleagues feel they are way ahead just because their songs are trending on that platform,” he said.

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Source: Dklassgh.com