Brother Sammy and Joyce Blessing

A new video sighted by sees gospel singer teasing her colleague, gospel singer , over her drunken video.

When a video of Joyce Blessing declaring her love to a man believed to be her husband went viral, she received a lot of backlashes, particularly because she is a gospel artist and a role model for many. However, her husband has disputed that the video was for him.

Although the video appears to have disappeared from social media, many people, including Brother Sammy (the nation’s worshipper), will never forget how he used Joyce Blessing in a video that was seen online as a chance to taunt her.

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The way Joyce Blessing reacts when Brother Sammy makes fun of her drunken video that went viral reveals how unhappy she is with how quickly it spread.

Everyone is aware that Brother Sammy likes to tease, but he ought to have understood that anything that embarrassed Joyce Blessing wasn’t something he ought to be laughing about, much alone ridicule her in front of her.

Check out the video:


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