Shatta Mama, the mother of renowned artiste Shatta Wale, has admitted that Shatta Wale cannot stop her from marrying actor .

Kofi Adjorlolo and Shatta Mama shocked the country and social media when they revealed that they were dating and would shortly announce the date of their wedding.

In an interview, Kofi Adjorlolo and his newly found sweetheart, Shatta Mama said,” We are seriously in love and we will soon come out and announce the date of our marriage”.

Both Shatta Mama and the veteran actor are in their 60s. Kofi Adjorlolo, who has appeared in more than a hundred Ghanaian and Nigerian films and is the father of two children, lost his 49-year-old wife Charity Nyarko in 2011.

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Shatta Mama, the ex-wife of Shatta Capo, the father of Shatta Wale, is also the mother of three children, one of which is a well-known musician.

His two children have already given Adjorlolo the go-ahead to wed any woman of his choosing.

However, since the news of their marriage went viral, a lot of entertainment experts and a segment of the public have been debating whether Shatta Wale will allow his mother to remarry.

However, in an interview on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review, Reagan Mends the publicist of Shattta Mama said;

“Yes, ever since the news went viral, people are asking whether Shatta Wale would allow the mother to marry Kofi Adjorlolo..Well, I spoke to her(Shatta Mama) this morning, and she told me that no one can prevent her from marrying anyone of her choice”.

According to Reagan Mends,” She said why would Shatta Wale dictate to her on whom to marry? He can’t prevent her from Marrying Adjorlolo because he(Shatta Wale) doesn’t take care of her, he doesn’t even know where she lives so why would he even intrude in her affairs?

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