MzVee Cathedral

Songstress, MzVee has opined that it will be better for the government to concentrate on resolving the basic problems the nation is experiencing before building a cathedral.

She claims that there are now enough churches in the nation for that initiative to be a top priority.

MzVee said this during an interview with Pulseghana.

“I think there are basic things we should look at before we think about building a national cathedral in this country. I feel like for every five minutes there is a church, so why don’t we focus on fixing street lights, fixing potholes basic things like that before we think about one big church for God,” MzVee said in an interview.

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The debate over whether the National Cathedral should be built has been going on for quite some time. 

President Nana Akufo-Addo during the sod-cutting of the National cathedral stated that the Cathedral’s building fulfils a commitment he made to (Christian) God.

The money involved has enraged Ghanaians, who have expressed their outrage at the government for spending money that might be utilized to improve Ghanaians’ lives on a building that would have little influence on the economy.


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