Charlotte Oduro, the founder of Real Woman in Me, has said that men who choose to settle down with women primarily due to their physical attractiveness are not serious.

She claimed that real and intelligent men go out with women who can help them progress their life and achieve their goals.

In an interview with Okay FM, she made the point that while beauty is fleeting, a man’s chances of success are higher when he has an intellectual woman by his side. This is because, in her opinion, these women put in a lot of effort and aren’t just in relationships for the sake of what they can receive.

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“No serious man would go in for a woman because of looks. Butts and looks lose their attractiveness with time. However, an intelligent woman when married would always contribute to the success of their husbands.”

The self-proclaimed counsellor also offered her opinion on the hot topic of some women’s allegations that their boyfriends pressure them to get surgery to “improve” their bodies. According to Charlotte Oduro, those men have to be aware that their spouses’ health may suffer as a result.

“Men should desist from forcing women to go in for Brazilian Butt Lift because they want their women to have big buttocks. These things affect the health of women, and some even die through the process.

“Any man who wants a lady with a big butt should go for that right away but not to change natural women to suit their preference,” she said.

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