Lydia Forson

Award-winning Ghanaian Lydia Forson has spoken out against the situation of the nation, claiming she was aware that President Nana Addo would fail.

She claimed there had been several scandals since the president was voted to power, but instead of removing the culprits, he chose to pay little attention, which crushed her aspirations for the government’s ability to combat corruption.

When our president didn’t fire Eugene Arhin for plagiarizing his inaugural speech; you should’ve known things were going downhill from there. Plagiarism is literally stealing someone’s work and passing it off as your own. Stealing oh, but he was kept there to continue”, she tweeted.

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She asserts that while the party was in opposition, it taught Ghanaians how to demand accountability, and as a consequence, they are now held to the same standards as they were before.

Her excellent lobbying has influenced a number of choices in and beyond.

She continued: Each time the NPP laments over how the minority frustrates their efforts,I wonder if they’re that out of touch. Mahama couldn’t fart without y’all threatening demonstrations; your petty was unmatched. YOU are the reason we’re all on your necks; you laid the foundation.”

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