Mr Logic

Mr. Logic has shared his opinion on how TikTok is influencing music marketing in , saying that if we remove dancing and music from TikTok, what is left will be useless.

He revealed this in a recent statement he made on the well-known Ghanaian radio station Hitz FM, and in that submission, he stated the following:

“Some songs are being dramatized on TikTok but are not crossing borders because the radio didn’t pick them up. It isn’t always the case but radio is instrumental.

We need all these platforms to market our music – TikTok, radio and more. The dancers are the only ones making TikTok interesting.

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Take dancing and music out, what will be left will be “gyimie”.”

In other news, Rex Omar, a legendary Ghanaian Highlife musician, likened the present state of the music industry to the heyday of music. He claims that there has been significant progress.

According to the head of the Ghana Music Right Organization (GHAMRO), current advances in the music industry have significantly improved it from a few years ago.

In an interview with Amansan Krakye on Kastle FM, Rex Omar asserted that the globalization of the music industry has led to its expansion. He went on to remark that it has offered many musicians the chance to make money and have their tunes heard.

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“Because of globalization, there are open doors. If people approach it with a business mind, they can make money” Rex Omar said.

The music maestro drew attention to the fact that most Ghanaian musicians devote their entire careers to pursuing fame and fortune rather than producing great music. He advised artists to….Continue reading.