AK Songstress
AK Songstress

It seems the issues concerning Titok and its influencers is not ending anytime soon, as it keeps making headlines each and every day.

While Ghanaian singer AK Songstress has joined the Tiktok debate.

It all started after Tiktok star Asantewaa called on musicians to resort to the app to promote their craft is still unsettled.

Asantewa said “If you are an artiste, your craft doesn’t matter again. Until you pay TikTokers to promote your song, you will be singing it alone.”

Asantewaa and AK Songstress appear to agree on Tiktok’s current ability to promote music.

AK Songstress said she has suffered in the hands of TV and radio presenters because they have some form of monopoly which is not the same as Tiktok.

She claimed that the social media platform is more powerful since it democratizes music marketing and frees you from the control of any promoter.

Watch her interview below:

Source: Dklassgh.com

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