, the recently-departed Speaker of Parliament, has demanded an end to the telenovela-induced polarization of Ghana’s television audience.

He has demanded that the use of Twi voiceovers in be immediately banned.

The employment of the Twi language for these telenovela voiceovers, according to Mike Oqauye, would allegedly degrade Ghanaian culture over time to the point that the younger generation would adopt and adhere to foreign conventions and customs.

He continued by expressing his deep worry over the usage of the Twi language to introduce residents to foreign cultures.

At the University of Ghana’s first memorial lecture for Okyenheneba Dr. Jones Akwasi Amoako Atta Ofori-Atta, Mike Oquaye pleaded with media outlets and scriptwriters to immediately cease adding Twi voiceovers to telenovelas.

“I beg our actors and scriptwriters to come out with Ghanaian films. I get sick anytime I hear Twi words or Ga words pushed through some European or Asian lips. The practise should be stopped if we should develop as a people.”

“These are the things that unmake a nation. It can never happen in Malaysia, it can never happen in India. It can never happen in any of the Asian countries,” he added.

In the past, Mike Oqauye had advocated for an end to the broadcasting of telenovelas in Ghana. He said that by instilling in them unsuitable lifestyle choices that would alienate Ghana’s traditional traditions, it did nothing to benefit the younger generation.

Telenovelas are detrimental to Ghanaian culture, according to the current Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin, especially since that they have begun to degrade the morals of many women.


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