According to , the fact that Jesus Christ was a human renders him lesser and unworthy of devotion since he was a mortal.

He conveyed this feeling when he visited Wontumi Radio’s studios for the show Wontumi ‘Nka Wakem’.

The famous fetish priest went on to say that this is why his gods outweigh Jesus and will worship them all the time.

“I am following the footsteps of ‘Kofi oo Kofi’. That is what will lead me to Christ. I am following the footsteps of ‘Kofi oo Kofi’ and meeting ‘God’. I don’t believe in Jesus. Jesus is somebody’s child. Where was Jesus born? Bethlehem is on earth here. ‘Kofi oo Kofi’ is a spirit,”  explained.

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Bonsam also used the opportunity to criticize pastors and their methods, claiming that the God they worship is too sympathetic with them, allowing them to commit sacrileges in his presence without immediate repercussions.

“Somebody has bought a phone, he places it down to go and give offertory; By the time the person returns, the phone has been stolen. If someone exhibits such conduct in the shrine, the gods will kill the person but God is patient and lenient with a lot of things. He will watch you do it and by the time He is repaying you it will be of less effect. The lesser gods do not have such patience,” he stressed.

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