AJ Poundz

In an interview, media star AJ Pounndz recounted how she nearly ended her own life eight years ago due to a broken heart.

On the Delay Show, she detailed her experiences. According to her, the man who had immigrated from Ghana to Germany was overjoyed to learn of her pregnancy, and they both looked forward to becoming parents.

Their argument, along with the man’s mother’s desperation to keep her from marrying his son, stressed their relationship to the point that the man abandoned the child.

“He was so happy I told him about the pregnancy. But he wasn’t there [throughout] the pregnancy,” AJ Poundz said.

“He has never been there although he accepted responsibility. He was okay but things changed after I gave birth. When you give birth, the issue goes beyond the individuals; it’s more of a family thing. If the family doesn’t like you, it becomes problematic.”

“They didn’t like me because I was on TV and his mother once told me point-blank that she doesn’t want me to marry her son. The family refused to accept me.”

She explained the scenario that led to the father ceasing to care for the kid, a one that left her feeling so rattled that she pondered suicide. According to AJ Poundz, she opposed the baby daddy’s request to send the kid to his mother, believing it was an attempt to take the child away from her.

“He wanted to only focus on the child and not me but that wouldn’t happen… While we were talking on the phone, he opened the taps, washed his hands and said he was done and I thanked him,” she said, adding that this was a year after the child was born.

“That day, I was in the house of Dr. Kweku Oteng; I nearly killed myself. I was pained. I felt my whole world was crushing.”

Nearly nine years after giving birth, the guy has yet to meet her child, but AJ Poundz, who is now married to Nana Kwadwo Adu-Boateng, is unfazed.

“He has abandoned the child. But I like it… The last time I heard from him, he begged to see the child. He now reckons I’ve become a public figure. The last time I encountered him, he was in Ghana but I had met my husband…”

When questioned if her daughter was aware of the incident, AJ Poundz said she was unaware and that she does not feel empty since “my husband makes her happy.”

Source: Dklassgh.com

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