Former Highlife musician Michael Frimpong, also known as , has revealed that serving God after a thrilling has been stressful and demanding.

The popular musician claimed that giving up a life of fame and money to follow Jesus Christ was not an easy decision.

He said that several obstacles and temptations to go back to his former life and grandeur had plagued his quest so far.

“I must admit that it has not been easy to become a born-again Christian, especially when the gigs I was getting when I was a secular musician are no longer coming. That is not all. I had to get rid of certain friends who were likely to lead me into trouble so that I can focus on God’s work,” Kesse narrated in an exclusive interview with Graphic Showbiz.

The 2012 VGMA Male Vocalist of the Year responded to a question about what sustains him in Christ in the face of several difficulties by saying that his knowledge and conviction that he is on the right road in life motivates him to work even harder to maintain his newly found faith.

He said, “Every true believer goes through challenges but there is always a way out. You will not endure the hardships forever. The beginning might seem tough but it is the end that matters and I have no regret getting to know God.”

Regarding his career as a gospel musician, Kesse said that right now, his success as a musician is not his main goal.

He is completely focused on maintaining a positive relationship with God.

“I know some secular musicians who released Gospel songs after turning to Christ but failed to make it. Whether I make it or not in my Gospel music career is not really my focus. The fact that I have found Christ is my greatest joy,” the winner of Season Four of TV3’s Mentor in 2007 added.