Prince Bright

, of the Buk Bak fame and a legendary Hiplife performer, claims that the competition among musicians in Ghana is quite fierce right now.

According to the multi-award-winning artists who have been a part of Ghana’s music scene for more than 20 years, the competition in the music business was good for the development of the country’s musical tradition.

“Now with this level of competition in the industry, we are able to sell our culture to the outside world, thus reaching a much wider audience with the availability of numerous streaming platforms, which was not so in the past,” he told GNA Entertainment in an interview.

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Prince Bright said that current young artists in the industry, particularly rappers, have upped their game and that prospective musicians have to be really distinctive in order to break through.

“Back then, there were more rappers in the system and you had to be extremely exceptional to make it, and I think the same can be said about today’s music industry,” he said.


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