Kwaisey Pee and Hajia4real

Singer has cautioned Ghanaians never to describe as a musician because she has no musical talent.

His opinion is that the gorgeous Ghanaian socialite who just added music to her resume by releasing three reasonably successful tracks did it because she has a sizable fan following, not because she is particularly talented.

Kwaisey Pee asserted that the Ghanaian socialite turned rapper lacked talent when being questioned on Empire FM.

During his interview on the Takoradi radio station, Kwaisey Pee makes the claim that the only reason people are interested in working with Hajia 4 Reall is because of her fame on various social media platforms.

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“People will love to do a song with someone like Hajia 4Reall (Mona 4Reall) who is not a musician; has no musical talent but because of her large following,” he said.

I know you want me to say something, so you use it for a story but truth be told, Hajia4Reall is not a musician. I am telling you”, Kwaisey Pee said after the host questioned him for the second time if he meant what he said about the songstress.

“You know what I’m talking about but you want to push me so you say Kwaisey Pee said it”. he added.

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