shatta wale and akuapem poloo

It was widely speculated that dancehall artists Shatta Wale and Akuapem Poloo had an intimate relationship after Shatta Wale gifted Akuapem Poloo the phone.

While the ‘On God’ singer has denied these claims emphasizing that the gesture was purely goodwill.

“The way she takes care of her son, I admire it. And I can see that she is also trying to help herself,” Shatta shared the genesis of the brouhaha on HitzFM.

He continued, “You know, I was in America, and I had to send someone to go and give her a phone because I felt I liked what she was doing. I haven’t even seen her since I came back from America. I have met her just twice, and it was a fast one on the road.”

Shatta Wale also dashed any illusions that the actress would be labeled as a beggar by the public. He expressed his desire to bless her after being moved, and he did.

“No, she didn’t ask for it. I was just looking on Instagram and I saw her playing with her son. And God was telling me that i should just touch her heart. So I just did it. It’s so beautiful like that” he said.


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