amerado and strongman

A Ghanaian rapper, Amerado is trying everything in his power to engage his colleague, Strongman, in a lyrical battle.

Recall, that Strongman disclosed that his wife has asked him not to respond to any of Amerado’s jabs, but it appears he may have to reconsider his decision.

Strongman said in that interview that his baby mother Nana Ama, whom he referred to as his “wife,” had threatened to leave his home if he bent low to pay attention to Amerado.

Amerado said in an interview with Poleeno that he had indeed punched Strongman subtly, but that it was only for show and he didn’t think it was necessary for the SarkCess Music signee to bring it up in radio interviews.

“If my wife advises me in private, I won’t make it public. She must have a great love for me to give me counsel in private. If I was not a wise person, you would just have set your wife up [for insults],” he said while making reference to Strongman’s statement.

“You’re not even married to her, but you call her your wife,” Amerado quipped.

The rapper also mentioned how heated quarrel songs are. The desire to retaliate is weak once the fire has subsided.

He consequently questioned whether Strongman had accomplished more in the music industry than he had. He stated that although he respects Amerado as someone who is older than him and began music before him, overtaking is permitted because they are in a competitive environment.

He said that Strongman offers his ‘wife’ a cause to divorce him by replying to his rap barbs in his radio broadcasts, assuming he claims she truly did give him such advice.


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