Young Ghanaian musician, Lasmid Owusu Nathaniel, popularly known on stage as Lasmid has again proclaimed that he is the best rapper.

In an interview with Delay, the young, gifted rapper, who is still enjoying success after the release of his hit song “Friday Night,” made this statement.

In the course of the interview, Lasmid, who considers himself to be a rapper rather than a singer, made a sign language declaring that he would murder any rapper who comes across his path.

Lasmid swiftly replied that he did not want any comparisons to be drawn when Delay asked him to name one raper whon he thinks he can not stand.

However, he added that he is the best he has ever seen.

“I will just ‘murder’ you, that is what I can say… I will just murder you (signs with his hands). I am the best rapper. I am the man. I am the best I’ve ever seen. I don’t even want that comparison,” Lasmid averred.


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