, a Ghanaian musician, has said that although she is a bad cook, she is extremely skilled and can fry and prepare ripe plantains if you give her $5,000.

She admitted to the blogger Zionfelix that even though she is not a good cook, she hires qualified chefs to produce the meals at the restaurant she runs.

“If you wager $5000 on red plantain, I will be able to make it for you.” I can either boil it, fry it, or prepare it in another manner. I believe I am capable of frying any meal that you provide. “I am capable of preparing stews for myself,” she said.

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Fantana also made it clear that, although having limited ability in the area of her culinary skills, she is skilled at making stews for herself.

Fantana asserts that she would never intimidate or pressurize a person into testing her sauces.

“I am able to create a beef stew using corner cuts for myself. You folks can eat some but I don’t compel others to consume my stuff. You are able to place orders, but everything that is prepared here is done so by a trained chef,” she said.

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