My music inspires the young and old and I'm never going to stop - Fameye replies trolls

Ghanaian musician Fameye has spoken about his life as a garbage man, often known as a “borla man,” before stardom embraced him.

Speaking in an interview with Hitz FM, he claimed to come from a wealthy family, but as an orphan, he constantly struggled until he began to do music.

Fameye described how he used to pick up trash from people’s homes in order to provide for himself.

“I used to collect rubbish for people. Anyone in Musuku, Kwabenya will know I am not lying. Especially those living around Kwabenya East Police Post… I weed the whole community. I used to plant flowers around that place. Likewise, I used to sell sobolo to students, and I was weeding from house to house,” he said.

He added that, “I know what I have been through. I come from a rich home, and I am not supposed to suffer, yet it happened. Not only that, but I come from a house that they have nice girls and people travel in and out. Even Majid and Kubolor used to come to my house.”

According to the Praise hitmaker, he has turned all the negative things people used to say about him into positives.

“People used to ‘insult’ me that I am an orphan, but I have always believed in myself. I see myself as an underground artiste even up till now, and I know I will make it,” Fameye said.


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