Black Sherif

Report picking from the internet has it that Black Sherif has rejected a remuneration of £10K for a performance at the Ghana Party in the Park concert in the UK.

According to the report by organizers of the show, Akwaaba UK Group, Black Sherf’s team turned down the performance for £10K.

He said that the “Kweku Traveller” hitmaker had stated that he would only take the stage to perform if the pay was upped from £10K to £50K.

The report claims that Black Sherif’s managers insisted that the payment for a UK performance should be increased to £50K (GHS 489,387) since their artist was worth more than the pitiful sum of £10K (9 GHS 97,786). 

The news was initially reported by Hitz FM, and many fans have responded to it. Fans think Black Sherif ought to have agreed to the first price.

Since the best performers don’t even demand such prices for concerts, many people think he isn’t worth the second sum.

Below are some of the reactions:

@ParkerJeremih wrote: Y’all Niqa dey move to “BLACKO” like him charge that money. He’s recognised globally and I think he’s worth that amount regardless of what y’all think. His team has put soo much in his career and you want them to charge £10,000 for a show.

@NANA_ASAP wrote: 50k for blacko His team is slacking Dat be y the boy is not getting gigs Sometimes we for no do this no album no international awards 1 hit nti u want to over charge promoters 50k is too much ahhh

@BrahBhim wrote: You See, this one later if you no get shows, you go dey blame promoters for bla bla!!!! Some of our A list Artists seff attimes they take less than that!! Because of Two hits you wan take 50K

@KwameStithces wrote: Masa pay am 50k…why is it too high? As man dey der dey hung nobody gv am platform he struggle wherever he dey now u wan pay am less nigga pay up n stop complaining…if you can’t go n hire some others wey go tk 2000 n things