Having surgery to enhance one's physical features is referred to by the phrases plastic surgery, liposuction, cosmetic surgery, collagen injections, BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift), and other medical terminology.

Ghanaian women are not exempt from the race to seem “Classy,” since the practice has gained popularity over time, especially among rich women worldwide.

Numerous Ghanaian women have been accused of getting plastic surgery to change their appearances in order to seem different in public. While most have vehemently refuted the assertion, some have openly acknowledged getting surgery for private reasons.

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The list  of Ghanaian female celebrities and famous personalities who have been accused of gaining their gigantic booty, boobs, and hourglass figure from plastic surgery are as follows


is a well-known female showbiz figure in Ghana. She is adored by millions of Ghanaians worldwide, and she mentors a large number of girls both inside and outside of Ghana.

Nana Ama McBrown recently debuted a new hourglass form, which has many wondering how she managed to acquire it all in such a short period of time.

Mcbrown is said to have caved under pressure and played BBL. In the eyes of the general public, this isn't her first liposuction procedure.

2. Nina Ricchie

Nina Ricchie, the Black Avenue Muzik signee, is one of the most well-known Ghanaian celebrities who has undergone body enhancement surgery.

Nina Ricchie is a gifted musician, but she is better known for her body shape than her music.

The singer with dark skin has increased the size, roundness, and firmness of her boobs. She also has a big, round booty. We can't say much except that it makes her happy.

3. Fantana

Francine Koffie, better known as Fantana, was introduced to the music industry by Bullet, the founder of Rufftown Records. She had a few songs, but they weren't very popular.

When she first entered the field, most people were drawn to her attractiveness. Fantana is one of the most beautiful women in the music industry.

As a result, it was surprising that Fantana wasn't satisfied with her appearance and needed surgery to increase the size of her boobs and buttocks. She is one of the few celebrities who has admitted to having a BBL.

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4. Kisa Gbekle
Ghanaian actress cum Slay Queen, Kisa Gbekle is the first Ghanaian to give an insight on how much it costs to have a super classy body through plastic surgery. According to Kisa, she spent GHS60,000 to have her beautiful new look.

The actress in an interview explained that she lost confidence in herself after giving birth because of a floppy stomach.

According to Kisa undergoing surgery to remove the stomach fat and enhance her booty brought back her confidence and made her feel whole again. Well, good for her.

5. Sandra Ankobiah

Sandra Ankobiah, the celebrity Ghanaian lawyer cum socialite is one of the popular ladies in the country who has gone under the knife to have their butt lifted and enlarged.

The beautiful ex-girlfriend of Pay Day (Now Omar Sterling) of R2Bs got Ghanaians talking when she showed off her amazing and shocking booty that makes her walk like a turkey.

Initially, she was praised for being moderate with the surgery. She had a sizeable butt that got people praising whenever she made a post or was spotted in public.

But her new look in recent time after she went for an upgrade is something else together. Interestingly, Sandra Ankobiah tells us she got it all through the gym and squatting ..lol

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