, a Ghanaian preacher of the global gospel, recently shared some extremely contentious advice online that has sparked a heated debate among social media users.

A respected man of God once counseled against ever getting in touch with an ex-lover because it would endanger their current relationship.

Speaking to his congregation, Rev. Eastwood Anaba advised men and women to avoid their ex-spouses because they could still harbor sexual impulses for them even if they are no longer together, which could endanger their marriages if they are already wed.

Many social media users who fervently believe that ex-lovers aren’t enemies have countered this advise from Rev. Eastwood Anaba.

According to the set of people who are strongly against Rev Eastwood Anaba’s advice, one can still hold ties with his/her ex-lover and there’s nothing wrong with that because after all, they are still human and not immune to mistakes.

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Some have even shared their own personal experiences where their exes tremendously helped them in one way or the other just because they still kept in touch with them.

Michael Annor  Some ex later becomes a helper in our lives so we will not block them and still will talk to them.

Others also threw their support behind Rev Eastwood Anaba for speaking the gospel truth because some exes are the devil’s incarnate.

Daniel Sackey Some will disagree cos they are still sleeping with them,fear your ex and safe your life

Cynthia Brown Infact you have to delete his number and even anybody who is closer to him or her be it family or friends, ex is ex there shouldn’t be anything that will get you connect with him or her

Helena Emahi  This advice is either good or bad depending on your self discipline and how you might take it. If u have this trait, being friends with an ex shouldn’t be a problem at all. It’s up to you to choose what works for yourself depending on your discipline level though . All you need is to set boundaries and respect your current partner

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