, who was once married to gospel singer , has responded to claims that he had an affair with a married woman.

Pastor Love claims that his ex-wife is the one making the accusations against him in an effort to tarnish his reputation.

Pastor Love continued by asserting that he thinks his ex-wife, Obaapa Christy, has hired individuals to disparage him and throw obscenities at him.

The man of God gave an explanation of the reasons why the stories were made up, and he said that he would no longer support such behaviour.

He refuted every accusation and warned his loved ones to ignore the untrue rumours that he was having an affair with a married lady.

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“All those peddling lies about me are from my ex-wife’s camp. It is either she is contracting them to do it or I see that they are all from her camp. But what I can tell my loved ones is that all my trials and troubles emanate from my failed marriage.

So whoever hears anything bad about me must ignore it. I have not snatched anyone’s wife and to me, going after a married woman is an abomination. Christy, if you are the one behind it stop it because we have kids together. If I am destroyed, you and the kids also end up being destroyed.

We started together, your foundation is me, and your life success and help is me. If today you are able to go and come it is because of how I started well with you that is what has helped your future. So do not contract people to tarnish my image because when I am disgraced it also affects you”, Pastor Love noted.

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The marriage between Pastor Love and Obaapa Christy collapsed in 2012 when the man of God was accused of being a recurrent cheater and abuser.

Since then, Pastor Love has been criticizing his ex-wife, showing that he hasn’t fully moved on from their breakup.


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