Sonnie Badu

Ghanaian-base US gospel musician Dr. Sonnie Badu has identified two main factors that prevent Ghanaian musicians from realizing their full artistic potential despite their great talent.

This followed after Pastor Brian Jones Amoateng of Brain Jones Ministries asked the important question on what is limiting Ghanaian gospel musician on his Instagram page.

He wrote; “Ghanaian Gospel musicians are so so gifted. What is limiting them (Just thinking) #PastorBrain”

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Sonnie Badu responded by claiming that the majority of gospel artists in Ghana are having difficulty reaching their pinnacle because they do not respect those who have achieved some level of success in the field.

Sonnie Badu stated that there is a lack of cooperation among those working in the industry. He explicitly claimed that although they often appear to be together in public, there are often severe problems going on behind the scenes.

When Pastor Brian questioned him about what he was doing to swiftly address these problems, Sonnie Badu said that he had had enough of assisting people because they had been disparaging him.

He went to make allegations that some of the artistes had paid DJs to make sure they would not play his song and have a platform they use to insult him.

An image of their chat is seen below.