In a recent tweet, Medikal attacked fake pastors, arguing that becoming a stripper is even more respectable than their methods.

The rapper claimed he would rather be a stripper in life to come because it is more respectable than pretending to be men of God who deceive the populace by distorting the bible.

Born Samuel Adu Frimpong Medikal claimed that Africans’ perceptions of strippers are biased.

When he is in the club, he says he is simply supporting their business if someone sees him throwing money at them.

MDK also said there’s more decency in being a stripper than what so-called men of God do by defrauding the masses by twisting the content of the bible.

He wrote; “Being a stripper is the most decent job tbh. It’s better than being deceived by some fake pastors in disguise. My next life I might be a stripper cuz I go come as Abena or Akos.”


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