Sarkodie and Eno Barony

Entertainment critic, Sally Frimpong Mann, has said that Ghanaians have shied away from speaking the truth about entertainment, particularly when it comes to female singers outperforming their male counterparts.

She asserts that Eno Barony, oorn Ruth Eno Adjoa Amankwah Nyame Adom, can always join Sarkodie on the same track for battle.

She claimed that if the two rappers compete on the same song to display their rap skills, Sarkodie, the most renowned rapper in Africa, would prevail due to his talent and game.

She claimed, however, that Sarkodie would never have an easy time taking on Eno Barony because she would undoubtedly make things difficult for her and make it more likely that he would lose.

“We don’t really speak the truth in this industry. If Eno Barony should get on the same track to battle it out with Sarkodie, the latter might win, but Eno will give him a tough time, she said.


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