Strongman Burner has taken some jabs at Amerado and the others beefing themselves and pulling him into it, claiming they shouldn’t confuse stupidity for confidence.

Strongman Burner and Amerado Burner already have an unresolved quarrel between them, and it appears that Lyrical Joe’s rap duels with Amerado have reignited it. Strongman has issued a warning shot to them.

According to him, he doesn’t do beef like a lady, so if you want to diss him, just get right to the point and wait for your response rather than cutting around the chase and fashionably dissing him. We assume this is because of Amerado and Lyrical Joe’s beef.

Strongman then cautioned them not to confuse stupidity with confidence since they could believe what they are doing is the product of their craft-related confidence, but it may actually be the consequence of stupidity.


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