Shugatiti, a Ghanaian nun, has cemented her reputation as a bad girl by adding sensual elements to her recently established restaurant in Osu.

She draws cues from her nickname Shugatiti to name her opulent restaurant Pot of Shuga. The bowls and glasses, on the other hand, are fashioned to resemble male and female genitalia.

For example, the spout of the pots used to serve the soup that accompanies with fufu is designed like a man’s chest. whereas glasses have b00bs and butt0cks.

Shugatiti speaking in an interview with Zionfelix claimed that she toiled along this line because she want to depart from the normal thing.

Other restaurants, she said, only provide standard pot sizes and shapes, but her company is different since it caters to customers looking for adventure and excitement rather than being a standard dining establishment.

“I wanted to do something unique. Many restaurants have normal pots so I was like ‘lemme do something different.

We serve people with soup from this. You can open, take your meat and pour the soup through the tip. We have varieties; there’s the normal pot so kids can use that,” she said confidently.

watch the video below:


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