Sarkodie, a well-known rapper from Ghana, has stated what he despises about the music business.

The singer of Don’t Cry claimed that he detested the idea of having cameras pointed at him whenever he was handed money as assistance.

Sarkodie has endured years of backlash for apparently not being kind enough. He doesn’t financially support his audience, in contrast to some of his musical contemporaries.

In a recent interview with South African rapper Mac G, the well-known Ghanaian rapper dispelled the rumors.

In an interview with South Africa’s biggest podcast network, “Podcast and Chill,” the rapper reiterated his catchphrase, “money no be problem,” and noted that disclosing the assistance he offers others does not reflect who he is.

He claimed, “I am not stingy, I don’t just like giving money on camera,” because, in his opinion, it is disrespectful to tell the media after lending someone a helping hand.

He claimed that despite it being clear that those who publicly shower them with cash have evil motives, Africans have an unwavering love for them.

“I don’t want to call Ghanaians, but I believe Africans adore it when people come and throw money; those are the individuals they prefer even when they have evil intentions you like them and you end up in problems.”

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