has addressed the topic of women wearing skimpy clothing or displaying nv.dity, claiming that doing so has nothing to do with having self-respect because it is a choice.

Sister Derby is known for being one of the famous people who dresses comfortably without worrying about how it looks; even though she occasionally faces criticism or drag for exposing certain portions of her body as a lady.

In a post Sister Derby published, she said that having self-respect has nothing to do with being s3xy or having nv.dity since having self-respect entails making decisions that make you happy; thus, having nu.dity doesn’t imply that one lacks self-respect.

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Having self-respect may mean various things to different individuals, therefore some people would disagree with Sister Derby on this, but for Sister Derby and some other people, it has nothing to do with being s3xy or nu.dity.

See her post below:


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