Report picking on the internet has it that of Onua TV has been attacked by armed robbers during the weekend at Ada.

As narrated by the vociferous journalist, the armed robbers who broke into his car took away his cash, tablet and other valuables including his slippers and shoes.

Captain Smart, who is convinced that the armed robbers were hired by some powerful politicians to attack him, went on to say that a chemical check inside his wrecked car revealed blood traces.

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Captain Smart made the bold claim that certain terrible people in high places in the country are pursuing his life just because he speaks truth to power.

Additionally, he said that the individuals who sent the armed robbers after him are now planning yet another wicked plan to have him jailed once more.

And after his arrest, hire an insider to brutalize and wound him in the police cells after aiding him with a knife kept inside a bread.

On his broadcast this morning on ONUA TV, brave Captain Smart further stated that he is prepared for them and would keep speaking truth to power regardless of the immoral things they do to him.

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