Barely 48 hours after television journalist married her longtime secret boyfriend, some internet users have begun probing into her husband’s personal life.

Bridget married Dr Evans Ago Tetteh in Secondi Takoradi on Saturday, June 13, 2022, in a simple yet colorful private traditional wedding attended by a small group of her close friends and family.

Following a search of Dr Evans’ social media archives, it was discovered that he is an active and certified member of the Grand Lodge in Ghana.

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Dr Evans is a proud member of one of the world’s greatest non-religious, non-political, fraternal, and benevolent organizations, and he frequently tweets photos of himself clad in Masonic robes and jewels on his social accounts.

He occasionally broadcasts recordings of himself during Grand Lodge meetings, when other high-profile members gather to do key commitments.

In August 2020, he posted a video lamenting how the coronavirus epidemic had disrupted their annual convention that year, when the government imposed social gathering restrictions to combat the spread.

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He captioned the video; “Anka by this time, we’re papping in Kenpistic,”

Check out more Freemason-related posts of Dr Evans below:


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